Informations relatives au produit Le logiciel SMART Notebook constitue la référence en matière de création, de présentation et de gestion des leçons interactives, le tout à l'intérieur d'une même application. Ce logiciel primé inclut un ensemble de fonctionnalités de création et de présentation de leçon, et il vous connecte à un écosystème complet de contenus, d'outils et d'aides. Avec le logiciel SMART Notebook, toutes vos ressources pédagogiques se trouvent à portée de main, ce qui vous facilite grandement la tâche lorsqu'il s'agit d'assembler tous vos documents de cours et d'enseigner avec du contenu interactif. Il prend également en charge les systèmes d'exploitation Windows 8.

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Obtenir The free Moleskine, a Creative Cloud connected app gives you the ability to instantly turn hand-drawn sketches into fully workable digital files within the Creative Cloud.

Draw on any custom page of the Moleskine Smart Notebook then take a picture of your drawing using the Moleskine App. The special page markings in the notebook allow the app to process and optimize the image as a JPG file before converting it to an SVG file. Your creative journey starts here 1. Draw on any page in the notebook using any tool of your choice, although black ink and markers tend to work best.

Sketch your idea using broad strokes as opposed to shading. Use the free Moleskine, a Creative Cloud connected app to take a picture of your drawing. If you are satisfied with the image, after choosing the setting, tap on use image button. Select preprocessing actions. The preprocessing actions are specifically developed to detect the orientation of the page, correct perspective and alignment distortions.

The app uses the special page markings to help process and optimize the image. The image correction actions should be used to correct the images according to the lighting condition during the capturing or the technique or tool used for drawing.

If you are not satisfied with the result use other preprocessing actions or recapture image. Image preprocessing steps Crop by markers and detect orientation Detects markers in page corners. Distinguishes between one-page and two-page layouts and selects appropriate boundary marker. Crops picture by four obtained markers. The user is able to adjust markers position if necessary. Perspective correction and alignment Corrects perspective distortion from trapezoidal shape to rectangular and corrects any tilt of the notebook within the picture.

Auto contrast Automatic tuning of picture contrast to make the drawing stand out from the page more. Noise removal and adjustment of brightness and contrast Processes blurry, out-of-focus and dark pictures through noise removal and adjustment of brightness and contrast. Create without boundaries, wherever you are tips for making it picture perfect Preparing the notebook Lay the notebook flat and straighten the pages, making sure the notebook is completely open.

Lighting the page Lighting greatly affects the quality of the resulting image. Best results can be achieved with bright and evenly distributed light, preferably daylight. Turning off the camera flash can also prevent sharp highlights and shadows on the page. If you have to use the flash, take photos from a distance of approximately 50 cm 20 in. Hold your iPhone parallel so that the page edge is aligned with the edge of the viewfinder.

The entire page including page markers should be visible within the viewfinder. Before taking the photo, ensure your work is in focus by tapping the screen. En voir plus Quoi de neuf dans la dernière version?


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