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Now you want to try yourself in creating sites. You need to start creating a website with your studies. Do not save on knowledge. Find the textbook thicker and more expensive. A website developer must be fluent in HTML. Thick textbooks about creating sites are written very accessibly and understandable. Do not try to master website development quickly. Nothing should be missed, otherwise, when creating sites, marriage will appear in one form or another.

Quality does not like lazy. When reading, try to learn all the tags immediately, then when creating sites there will be no problems when formatting text, inserting pictures and images, creating a background and changing colors, creating hyperlinks, etc. If HTML is perfectly mastered, it will take you very little time to create your first website.

Of course, this site will contain a bunch of flaws. No need to be upset. No one was able to create the perfect site the first time. You will not create a site in a text editor? To create sites, any HTML editor intended for these purposes is suitable. If you feel confident, we recommend using more complicated editors to create sites. If starting to learn website development is difficult, start using the simplest editors. From simple to complex is always made easier. To create sites beautifully designed, you must be fluent in graphic programs.

Well, if these are professional programs, then you have unlimited opportunities for creating perfect sites. When you master a simple program, moving to a more complex one will be easier. If you want to make money on website development, you will need this knowledge. If you are studying the creation of sites out of curiosity and just for fun, then you can not do this.

Moreover, this stage of studying the creation of sites is the most difficult. Far a few manage to deal with everything on their own. If you do not want to rest on your laurels and you are not stopped by problems and setbacks while studying, we advise you to turn to specialized courses on training in website development. Strive so that when creating sites the page size should be no more than 30Kb.

Remember that not everyone has high-speed cable channels. Pages with a large volume will take a long time to load, the visitor will understand that such a site was created by a beginner. When creating sites, avoid the use of large drawings, photographs, as well as the use of many scripts and applets, all of which significantly reduce the page loading speed.



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